Vorráðstefna JFÍ 8. mars 2024

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the Final Meeting “Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems” which will take place on 14 December 2017 in Viðgelmir venue at Grensásvegur 9, 108 Reykjavik.


The aim of the DRG project is to understand the relationship of water and magma in the roots of volcanoes and how heat is transferred into geothermal systems to maintain their energy. Furthermore, the design of wells and wellheads for high temperatures was a focal point of the project, as well as methods for utilizing superheated steam from greater depths.

The research was performed by three groups made up of representatives from universities, research institutes, engineering companies and energy companies, and gave an opportunity for the training of young scientists and conducted to work in the DRG field, giving a strong input to the project outcome.
The goal of the Final Meeting is to showcase and summaries the achievements of Deep Roots of Geothermal projects and to explore further current and future opportunities for collaboration within the roots of geothermal systems.



Let us know if you join! Please register by clicking here

Agenda available online – visit GEORG website



We believe that your attendance and active participation will guarantee the success of DRG2017 Final Meeting as it will be a unique opportunity to meet all participating researchers sharing knowledge with colleagues.


Best regards,

Alicja Wiktoria