Vorráðstefna JFÍ 8. mars 2024

Dear All:

We have just discovered that a few persons have registered and paid for the Nordic Geological Winter Meeting using the old Congrex account. PLEASE MAIL YOUR SOCIETY MEMBERS AND MAKE SURE THAT NO PAYMENTS TO CONGREX ARE FURTHER MADE.

We are not sure how many people have been affected by this, but it is important that you pay only the account listed on the current registering site on our web. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ALL CURRENT PAYMENTS TO THE WINTER MEETING AND ENSURE go to the Geologiska Föreningen, not to Congrex.

Mark D. Johnson
Department of Earth Sciences , Head (Prefekt)
Geological Society of Sweden (Chair)
Associate Professor Quaternary Geology (Docent)
Box 460
University of Gothenburg
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden
031 786 2808, 0722 0366 12