Vorráðstefna JFÍ 8. mars 2024

The Nordic Geoscientist Award will be presented every second year in connection with the Nordic Winter Meeting. The Award will be presented to a Nordic geoscientist who has, in the course of his/her career, been strongly involved in the society around us, as well as in specific fields in the geosciences.

All members of the Nordic geological societies can propose candidates: proposals should be ca. 500 words. A jury, consisting of the leaders of each of the Nordic geological societies and the directors of each of the Nordic geological surveys, will consider the proposals and prepare a written statement on its decision on the Award.

The prize consists of a framed diploma and an engraved plate with a unique rock from the conference host country. In 2012 the engraved plate will be a columnar basalt from Iceland. The winner will be invited to hold a plenary lecture at the Winter Meeting in connection with presentation of the Award.

All proposals should be sent to the president of the Geological Society in your country by October 1st 2011.

Þorsteinn Sæmundsson         The Geoscience Society of Iceland 
Gunn Mangerud                         The Geological Society of Norway       
Vivi Vajda                                    The Geological Society of Sweden      
Lars Nielsen                               The Geological Society of Denmark     
Aarno Kotilainen                       The Geological Society of Finland